Power Your Product with Superior Poultry Protein: Unleash Enhanced Nutrition

The protein supplement Nor-HydroPep 90SD offers a well-balanced amino acid composition which makes it excellent for protein enhancement within food applications

Bilde: Sune Eriksen

Nor-HydroPep 90SD’s unmatched protein profile sets your product apart from the competition.

With Norilia’s unique bio refinement process, we have unlocked the secret to combining sustainability and nutritional enhancement all in one.

- The protein supplement Nor-HydroPep 90SD offers a well-balanced amino acid composition which makes it excellent for protein enhancement within food applications, says director of Ingredients at Norilia, Øystein Danielsen.

Nor-HydroPep 90SD provides a functional protein solution with excellent nutritional value.

- Nor-HydroPep 90SD is especially suited for products such as bars, stocks, bullions, soups, broth, shots and sports nutrition, says the director.

Excellent solubility

Thanks to its outstanding solubility in both hot and cold water, Nor-HydroPep 90SD integrates seamlessly into various formulations.

- This means that it mixes smoothly and gives a perfect blend, Danielsen explains.

This makes it an excellent choice for food manufacturers aiming to add a boost of protein and flavor to savory creations.

- While most protein supplements have a sweet taste, our protein ingredient is well-suited for use in savory food applications, says the Ingredients director.

Health benefits

In addition to versatile application and benefits, Nor-HydroPep 90SD can provide many favorable effects for health.

- Our product contains both a good-quality protein and collagen peptides, known for its various health-promoting properties.

A high content of essential amino acids can also provide a number of positive effects.

- Nor-HydroPep 90SD contains a good content of the amino acids leucine, glutamine and glycine. All of which have a number of advantages ranging from healthy aging to gut health and muscle building and repair.

Sustainability at our core

NorHydroPep 90SD delivers both superior quality and a commitment to sustainability, making it the obvious choice for ethical consumers.

- All our ingredients are made from resources emanating from our Norwegian nature. That is why we call it “pure nature refined”, says the director.

With Nor-HydroPep 90SD your product will gain unique merits.

- Combining excellent quality, purity, refinement, innovation and sustainability makes this protein ingredient a truly magnificent addition to anyone wanting to boost their product line, says Danielsen.

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Øystein Danielsen

Leder Ingredienser

Marianne Skov, PhD

Chief Advisor Nutrition