Norwegian Wool

Norwegian wool is particularly reknown for its strength, gloss and elasticity - it is almost unparalleled on the world market. The wool has special characteristics that make it resistant to wear and maintain its appearance even after long-term use and wash. Furthermore, it has a 'clean' and good color as the sheep has grown up in a clean environment without sickness. However, Norwegian wool is coarse and best suited to the production of coarser knitting wool and carpet yarn.

All wool is classified in accordance with the Norwegian Wool Standard. Each fleece is evaluated by experienced classifiers who assess the wool according to 16 different grades of quality.

About 78 % of all Norwegian wool is delivered and classified at the wool stations of Nortura. The wool department of Norilia is responsible for the sale of wool from these wool stations. Between 30 to 40 % of the wool is sold to Norwegian producers of woollen goods who have first claim on the wool. The rest is exported, mainly to England. The wool department is also responsible for quality assurance, efficient commodity management and general operation of wool activities within Nortura.