Facts on Norilia

Norilia has business activities in hides/skins, casings and wool. In addition, Norilia is responsible for coordinating the processing of added value products in Nortura and the associated companies Noridane and Norskinn.

The company has about 45 employees with a turnover of approximately NOK 500 million, of which 70 % come from export. The enterprise is integrated with and adapted to fit in with Nortura's activities in the same areas.

Norilia has the following operations and activities:

  • Hides & Skins Department - sales of hides and skins. The department is based in Oslo and has a warehouse each in Bergen and Fredrikstad.
  • Casings Domestic Market - import of casings for the Norwegian meat industry. The department is based in Fredrikstad.
  • Norwegian Casings Export - export sales of casings. The department is based in Oslo.
  • Wool Department - sales of Nortura's wool. The department is based in Oslo.
  • Nutri - sales of meat by-products for animal food and selected products for human consumption. The department is based in Stavanger.
  • Development and coordination of the associated companies in international trade of by-products.
  • Development and coordination of activities to increase value-added on by-products.